Increase your Competence in Wrestling

The single most effective and efficient way to increase your wrestling prowess may be through wrestling clubs. Of course, this paper deals with other facets that will make you better…but, we will start here. Wrestling clubs provide you the opportunity to get instruction generally more than twice per week (not always the case though) while training and learning from a variety of coaches and workout partners. Most clubs are formed for kids wrestling and or out of season training. In both instances, you will become better by getting much needed instruction prior to high school or during a time when others may be in other sports or not training at all.

Wrestling Camps
Camps are the next best teaching and learning strategy that you may employ. Here, again, you will gain insight and perhaps ability by getting more repetitions and instruction at a time when many are not. The ideas behind camps are to increase your wrestling during the off-season through instructional technique sessions and in some cases live wrestling. The more you get instruction and live wrestling, the more you are apt to achieve you wrestling goals. Some camps are very pricy while others may be more economical, some camps focus on technique and some are boot camp like in nature, some camps last a couple of days and some camps last a couple of weeks or more. It may be wise to research camps in regard to location, length, style of camp (technique vs. intensive), & prices prior to applying.

Exposing your self to clinics is also a good way to learn from some of wrestling’s legends. Clinics are generally during the off-season too; some states prohibit clinics of any kind during the regular season. In this way, you may meet and hear different philosophies and styles of wrestling from leaders of the sport. Not only will you learn wrestling technique (if you are paying attention), you may also be able to ask very important questions of how and why these icons achieved their goals. This may help you formulate of plan of attack that may increase your confidence thus motivating you for greater goals. Clinics are usually a one-time event or just a couple of hours. It is important to take advantage of this time.

Tournaments and duals are the main kinds of competition you should focus on. Most states have tournaments nearly every weekend after the regular season ends. It is wise to do all of the aforementioned suggestions and compete via tournaments or duals. Competition allows you to gauge what you have learned and what you need to work on. It may be more important to focus on learning and executing skills than it is to focus on winning. Winning and losing will occur regardless. However, you will enhance your ability by learning from every competition (win or lose) and then applying what you have learned in practice via clubs, camps, clinics, & the next competition.

Increasing your competence in this sport (or any sport) can be attained by attending and participating in clubs, camps, clinics, & competitions.

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About The Author
Shannyn J. Gillespie is the Executive Director of the Black Kats Wrestling Club.



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