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Nick UgoalahThe big word in business, sport or life these days is motivation. Have you ever encountered some of these motivational blahs?; no motivation to study, get that term paper done, exercise, eat properly, rise early, go to work, train hard, etc -- do the little extra's that make you a champion. Do you think everyone seems to be more motivated than you? What if I told you that you have as much motivation in you as say a Danial Igali (Olympic Wrestling champion) , Ted Turner (creator of a media empire CNN) or Tina Turner (music sensation and icon). Your probably saying Nick you've finally lost it, but stay with me. The reality of this is that these people are like you and I but the difference is that they knew what they wanted and made it happen. They share a consuming passion that drives them to get up early in the morning and not want to go to sleep at night. This strong vision gives them the courage to confront obstacle after obstacle and come out stronger than when they went in.

A personal incident, my second year of university at Brock became a springboard for my life. After not making the varsity wrestling team my first year I developed a deep driving desire to not only make the team but to also win a National title. I told my coach shortly after our team had won the National title that next year I will make the team and become national champion. He smiled and patted me on the head as if to say you've got to be kidding. Looking at the situation I couldn't blame him; my technique was, I wasn't winning too many matches, I tired easily in matches and had only been wrestling for three seasons. I was also known for skipping practices and not making morning training sessions. There were a lot of bad habits riding against me.

However, when I made the commitment to become a champion and not just one of the guys a rebirth began almost immediately. I wrote down what I wanted and what I needed to do to get it, who I needed to meet, what I needed to learn, what I had to get rid of (I loved chocolate for example). I hated getting up early but my plan called for running to school to lift weights at 6 AM. My alarm would ring at 5:30 and my instinct was to smash it, but I'd think of my goal of becoming a champion, how great it would feel, and I'd get a surge of energy and spring out of bed. Eventually I got used to it and getting up became automatic and actually enjoyable. It was like I was getting an edge on everybody else. My friend would constantly get me excited about what happens after you become a champion. He had a chant for me, saying "the glimmer, the glamour and all the pretty girls." Which made me laugh.

Soon the season began and all the focused training paid off when I made the varsity team. I was ecstatic but I still kept the main goal in mind and reminded myself what all the hard work and discipline was for. I qualified for Nationals. At the National championships I battled hard and achieved victory after victory taking me to the finals. In the lineup introducing the finalists, I went numb for a moment I realized some of the people who I had always looked up to as being so much better than me were sitting in the stands, I was the one in the lineup. I realized that from my hard work and discipline and my openness to letting people help me I now had the opportunity to realize my dream. It was only the sound of the announcers voice that brought me back to the present. In the finals all I remember was the final whistle, the referee raising my arms, then running and giving my coach a hug and high fiving a lot of people. Heck I think I even high fived guys on my competitors team. I was happy, I was a champion and I had achieved my goal.

What can this do for me you ask? It consists of three simple steps.

Step 1
I want you to put in writing what you desire, what is your goal? Whether it's to make the team, shoot the double leg well, learn the single leg. Win a national title- whatever it is write it down.

Step 2
From what you know right now, write down what you think you need to do to achieve this goal. Is there a coach you need to contact? Is there an instructional video you need to purchase? Do you need to get up earlier? eat better? Become more organized? Do you need to track your training better? Go to bed earlier? What is your plan for achieving this goal?

Step 3
Begin now. Take one small action to show your commitment to achieving your goal. This simple act shows your brain that you are serious about achieving your goal and it will begin to attract the necessary people, resources, circumstances and plans to accomplish the goal. The fastest way to achieve your goal and gain take motivation is to get off your backside and take the steps that move you forward. This means facing your fears.

It sounds simple but it commitment and courage. It takes guts to reach your goals. Remember the words of Gothe in your quest. "Whatever you can do or dream begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.." You can do it. To the top.

Author: Nick is a 3-time CIAU (Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union) National Champion wrestler. Nick currently helps people to achieve balance and more fulfillment in their personal lives through his personal training and lifestyle consulting business in Vancouver.

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Nick currently helps people to achieve balance and more fulfillment in their personal lives through his personal training and lifestyle consulting business in Vancouver. View clips from Nick's Combat Training video.
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