At Amateur Wrestler, we'll cover the various aspects of training. Whether you're an athlete or a coach you'll find helpful advice to help you become a better wrestler.

Nick UgoalahHow to lead with your head
Professional speaker and former Canadian Wrestling Champion, Nick Ugoalah discusses how to use your greatest asset to your advantage on and off the mat.

Match Preparation - How Victor Springer Whipped my...
Professional speaker and former Canadian Wrestling Champion, Nick Ugoalah shares how a loss taught him an important lesson - never take an opponent lightly. Match preparation is important for every math regardless of whether it's a local competition or a National championship.

Cardiovascular Training for Wrestlers
In part 1 of this series on cardiovascular training, Michael Frym owner of Grapplers Gym looks at the body from the heart, muscles, and lungs. Let’s take a look at how exercise effect’s the body.

Warm Up you Body and Mind
A warm up is essential before practice and competition, Coach Gillespie shares his thoughts on how to warm-up your body and mind before wrestling.

Whatever it Takes - Training Your Mind to Win
We all know how important is to be in great shape. However, if your mind isn't ready come competition day then no amount of physical preparation may be enough to save you. Canadian national champion and motivation speaker, Nick Ugoalah shares some insight into preparing your mind for the big day.

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