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Your Health will cover the topics important to you and your favorite sport. Whether you're an athlete or a coach you'll find helpful advice to ensure a safe and healthy wrestling career.

Dying to Make it - The Ugly Side of Wrestling
What do Billy Saylor (19 years old) at Campbell University in North Carolina, Joseph LaRosa (22) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and Jeff Reese (21) at the University of Michigan all have in common? Unfortunately, they’re all dead now; victims of one of the ghastly secrets of college wrestling - weight cutting and dehydration (by Michael Fry).

Toxic Strength: The Truth about Steroids
The headlines about illegal steroids have focused on professional and Olympic athletes. But the most vulnerable users may be kids in your neighborhood, high-schoolers who are risking an array of frightful side effects that can lead to death (article by

Stretching and Warm-up Exercises
Fitness expert, Nick Ugoalah shares some of his favorite personal stretching and warm-up exercises.

Benefits of Stretching
A proper warm-up can mean the difference between a great workout or match and an inevitable injury. Fitness expert, Nick Ugoalah explains the benefits a good warm-up and stretch.

How to Maximize Recovery After a Workout?
What you eat after a hard workout is actually more important than what you eat before. Rigorous practice takes a toll on the body, and fluid and important nutrients are lost. Nutrition expert Susan Crawford shares her tips on how to maximize recover after a strenuous practice.

Weight Loss - An Athlete's Perspective
The practice of weight loss in wrestling has been around almost as long as the sport. It's the one subject that no one wants to discuss. Wrestler, Justin Abdou breaks the silence and discusses the importance of proper weight loss in wrestling.

The Truth About Ring Worm
Have you ever had to deal with ring worm? If you have, you know how quickly it can spread throughout the wrestling community. But while the disease can pose problems, you can take steps to prevent it from causing grief for you and your athletes.

What Should You Eat Before Exercising?
Is what you eat before a competition important to you?  Nutrition expert, Patricia, explains the best food to eat before exercise and competition.

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