Wrestling Videos to Improve your Skills

Whether you're a new coach just trying to pick up the basics, or an experienced wrestler, wrestling training videos can be a great way to learn new skills or provide a refreshing approach to an old move.

Wrestling Videos for Coaches

Combative Games, Skills and Drills - This video starts with 10 minutes of exciting action highlights featuring many world and Olympic Champions in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling. It is an ideal teaser that you can use to create interest in signing up for your school or club program. This is followed by a suggested warm-up routine that will not only warm your athletes up but enhance their basic skills at the same time. The remainder of the video gives examples of Drills and Games that are designed to enhance combative skills. This is not only a useful coaching tool, it is also a guide to help individual wrestlers improve their technical and athletic skills.

Beginners and Parents - Part of the Winning Edge series, this tape is for a wrestler or parent to learn the basic fundamentals of the sport such as rules, point system, periods, etc. A must see for all beginners, parents, new coaches & refs. A great tool for Junior High programs, wrestling clubs and gym classes.

Sports Psychology and Motivation - Dr. Dave Yukelson, Penn State's Head Sports Psychologist & Roger Reina, University of Pennsylvania Head Coach. This video is part of a series provided by Olympian and coach Ken Chertow.

Womens Wrestling Videos

Wrestling with Trish Saunders - One of Womens Wrestling’s all-time greatest wrestlers, Trish Saunders (USA World Champion) is joined by Japan’s World Champion, Miyu Yamamoto in this instructional tape. Trish teaches the techniques that made her a champion, as well as techniques successfully used by female wrestlers. This tape is a valuable tool and a must have for all coaches and female wrestlers.

Wrestling with Christine Norhagen - Veirling - Wrestling's most successful female wrestler in history, instructs the winning techniques that made her the best in the world. This video collection is in a 3 part series and covers takedowns, trips and throws, and ground wrestling

Skills Based Wrestling Videos

John Smith Offensive Defense - Head Coach, Oklahoma State University, Sullivan Award Winner, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist John Smith, one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, believes that the road to successful wrestling requires a great defense first and an offense second. In this tape, Coach Smith does an excellent job of teaching proven methods of defending against the most commonly used techniques from the standing position. He advises using this tape before learning the low-level single leg takedown.

Dan Gables Advanced Mat Wrestling - Take your wrestling technique to the next level! Master all the moves with the help of wrestling legend Dan Gable. On the Mat covers techniques from the top or bottom position, including arm bars, near wrists, arm and leg turks, sit-backs and sit-outs, rolls and granbys, hip heists, counters and pins, switching and stand-ups, standing rolls, and clearing legs and ankles.

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