How to Buy a Wrestling Singlet

If you're buying a wrestling singlet for the first time or replacing an old one this article will help ensure you get the most from your purchase.

Today, wrestling singlets come in a number of different styles, fabrics, colors, sizes, and designs to please every wrestler. Designed for durability and comfort, most singlets are made from either lycra or nylon. Generally the singlet should fit close to the body and cover all appropriate body parts.

The first step is to establish the size you need. The following chart will help match the right singlet to the right size athlete. If your daughter or son is on a border weight it's best to go up rather than down. This way the singlet will last longer.

Size & Weight Comparison

Size Weight
XXXS 45-60 lbs (20-27 kg)
XXS 60-90 lbs (27-40 kg)
XS 90-110 lbs (40-49 kg)
S 110-130 lbs (50-59 kg)
M 130-155 lbs (60-69 kg)
L 155-185 lbs (70-84 kg)
XL 185-225 lbs (85-102 kg)
XXL 225-275 lbs (103-125 kg)

There are number of different styles to choose from including a high cut and a low cut version. Generally high cut singlets are used predominantly in folkstyle or collegiate wrestling (US high school/college wrestling) while the low cut singlets are used for freestyle and greco-roman wrestling. Collegiate singlets are cut higher in the neckline as well as in the arms while freestyle singlets are cut lower in the neckline and lower in the arms. Both styles tend to extend to just above the knee.

Prior to the last few years, there were very few choices for women. Recently though, some manufactures have started to design singlets exclusively for women including Summit Sports, Cliff Keen, Asics, and Applause Apparel. Today's female singlets are made to fit the contours of a women's body and cover the appropriate body parts.

Wrestling singlets come in many different colors including maroon, scarlet, gold, white, green, black as well as the more traditional red and blue. In fact, all most every sport color imaginable is available. Although you tend to pay more for not traditional colors.

If your son or daughter is wrestling freestyle or Greco-Roman they will likely need both a blue and a red singlet (as required by the international wrestling federation, FILA). Other colors are available for these styles, but red and blue are required at most national and international wrestling tournaments. For best value, you may want to purchase a reversible (red and blue) singlet. A reversible singlet will usually save you at least one third to one quarter of the full price of two separate singlets.

For collegiate wrestlers, only one singlet is usually required which allows you to choose almost any color. Some manufacturers will even custom design your singlets to match your schools colors and allow you print school logos, mascots, or lettering on the singlet.

Singlets are made predominantly from either Lycra, nylon or a combination of the two fabrics. The all Lycra singlets are usually lighter and generally tend to fit better.

Like wrestling shoes, wrestling singlets vary in price to fit most budgets. At the low end, singlets start around $20 and may go as high $90.00 for some brands. Generally, reversible singlets are more expensive but worth the extra cost if your son, daughter or team needs more than one singlet.

If you're still unsure of which shoe to buy, try asking those around you who have been wrestling for a while. Sometimes the best recommendation will come from someone you know.

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