Wrestling Gear - Where to Buy

With wrestling gear difficult to find in most stores one of the best places to start your research and ultimately buy your wrestling gear is online. Today there are more than a few great places to get your gear.

United States

Suplay Wrestling - features a wide selection of brands with new and late model wrestling gear including shoes, singlets, headgear, tournament gear, officials gear, posters, t-shirts and more.

Chertows Wear and Gear - provides a great line of wrestling videos and gear with everything from shoes to posters to wrestling mats.

The Sports Authority - offers scoreboards, referee equipment, knee braces, shoes, books, videos, and all the accessories you need to get ready for the season.


CAWA Wrestling Apparel -get the gear that Canada's elite athletes wear at the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association.

Would you like to see you wrestling store listed here? For $250.00 a year, you can advertise your gear on Amateur Wrestler. In return, Amateur Wrestler will donate $150.00 to the wrestling program of your choice. Contact us for more information.

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