How to Care for your New or Reconditioned Wrestling Mat
Receiving your Mat
If you receive your mats in cold weather, please do not unroll them until they have been in room temperature of 70 degrees or higher for a period of 24 hours. Unrolling a mat in cooler conditions will result in permanent damage to the foam and coating. If you are unable to store your wrestling mat flat, use the supplied tubes to decrease wrinkling and eliminate deep creases. Please do not throw these tube away. If you need new tubes for your mat, they may be purchased for an additional charge. New and re-conditioned mats should be left rolled out for a period of 2-3 weeks to allow the paint to cure. The mat will have a light flour coating to prevent the paint from sticking to itself. This should be removed by sweeping it off and then by wrapping a very lightly moistened towel over a broom and wiping the mat clean.

We recommend Ken Clean Plus to disinfect and lightly clean your mat. Your mat may discolor while cleaning, but the colors will return to its natural state after the mat is dry. We recommend cleaning your mat with Ken Clean after each wrestling session. Mildew is easily removed with Sherwin Williams Mil-Keen. For the first six months do not allow the mat to come in contact with moisture for an extended period of time. If the mat will be sitting on a damp floor, plastic should be used as a barrier between the mat and the floor. Washing the mat will not hurt the surface unless puddles of water are allowed to sit on the mat for extended period of time.

If your mat cannot be stored flat, keep it rolled on the storage tubes and use the approved wrestling mat straps. Never use chains, ropes, or wires to hold the mats. To reduce wrinkles, roll your mat from opposite ends and alternate rolling the mat from the top and bottom sides. Always roll the mat on tubes. Never leave your mats stored on tubular mat transporters because it may create deep depressions. Do not allow the mat to freeze.

When a mat begins to show wear and tear it is important that it is fixed immediately. Always inspect your mat for any material defects such as: compressed foam, missing material, open seams, exposed foam core or missing vinyl paint. Small cuts and tears may be repaired with a Pinnacle Repair Kit. Should the wear or damage to your mat be extensive, please contact Pinnacle Athletic Mats for factory reconditioning.

Mat Repairs
Should your mat become damaged, you can repair it with a Pinnacle repair kit. Never use latex or oil base house paints. They will crack and ruin the mat surface. Order pinnacle mat glue and paint directly from us. The repair kit will include all you need to fix your mat and the instructions on how to do it.

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