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Nick UgoalahHow to lead with your head
Professional speaker and former Canadian Wrestling Champion, Nick Ugoalah discusses how to use your greatest asset to your advantage on and off the mat.

The Truth About Ring Worm
Have you ever had to deal with ring worm? If you have, you know how quickly it can spread throughout the wrestling community. But while the disease can pose problems, you can take steps to prevent it from causing grief for you and your athletes.

Dying to Make it - The Ugly Side of Wrestling
What do Billy Saylor (19 years old) at Campbell University in North Carolina, Joseph LaRosa (22) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and Jeff Reese (21) at the University of Michigan all have in common? Unfortunately, they’re all dead now; victims of one of the ghastly secrets of college wrestling - weight cutting and dehydration (by Michael Fry).

Cardiovascular Training for Wrestlers
In part 1 of this series on cardiovascular training, Michael Fry owner of Grapplers Gym looks at the body from the heart, muscles, and lungs. Let’s take a look at how exercise effect’s the body.

How to Buy Wrestling Gear
Not sure how to pick the right wrestling gear for your amateur wrestling needs? If so, learn out how to choose the right size wrestling shoe, singlet, headgear, or wrestling mat the first time around with our How to Buy Wrestling Gear guide. Also learn where you can buy all the top wrestling gear.

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